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What is Class II power supply

What is Class II power supply?

Class II (with Roman numerals) refers to power supplies with double or reinforced insulation  between the input and the output. Opposed to a three-wire power cord as with Safety Earth connection, Class II supplies is two-wire power cord, no FG, just  ACL and ACN input without a ground connection.pls check below image.

AC two-core cable, ACL: Brown, ACN: Blue


NON CLASS II, Three-core cable, ACL: Brown, ACN: Blue, FG:Yellow/Green

Model: APMS-30-24

Class II power supplies are generally in plastic housing,Class II insulation often are labeled as “Class II” or “double insulated” or will have the concentric square symbol on the safety label.

AMCFLEX's Plastic housing series all are Class II Double insulated power supplies


APVM-36,APVM-60,APVM-100,APVM-150, APV-200 


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