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Why does the power supply cause some noise when connecting to PWM dimmer?

Power supply connect to PWM dimmer, cause some noise

If you are experiencing noise when connecting a power supply to a PWM dimmer, there are a few possible causes and solutions to consider:

1.    Electromagnetic interference (EMI): PWM dimming can generate electromagnetic interference, which can cause noise in the power supply. To minimize this, ensure that your wiring is properly shielded, and try to keep the wiring as short as possible. Additionally, consider using an EMI filter or choke to reduce interference.

2.    Incompatible components: The power supply and PWM dimmer may not be compatible with each other, which can cause noise or other issues. Make sure that both components are designed to work together, and that they have the same voltage and current ratings.

3.    Grounding issues: Grounding issues can also cause noise in the power supply. Make sure that the ground connections are properly connected, and that there is no ground loop between the power supply and the dimmer. You can also try adding a ground loop isolator or using a balanced audio cable to help reduce noise.

4.    Insufficient power supply filtering: Some power supplies may not have sufficient filtering to smooth out the PWM signal, which can cause noise in the output. Consider using a power supply with more advanced filtering, or adding a filter circuit between the power supply and the dimmer.

5.    Other sources of interference: Noise can also be caused by other sources of interference in the environment, such as nearby electrical devices or power lines. Try moving the power supply or dimmer to a different location, or shielding the wiring to reduce interference.

By identifying the source of the noise and taking steps to address it, you should be able to reduce or eliminate the noise in your system. If you are still having issues, consider consulting with a qualified electrician or electronics technician for further assistance.

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