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What is PFC?

What is PFC? This is the most frequently asked questions when refer to Power Supplies or Drivers.

The full name of PFC is "Power Factor Correction". Power factor refers to the relationship between effective power and total power consumption (apparent power), that is, effective power divided by total power consumption (Apparent power). Basically, the power factor can measure the extent to which electricity is effectively used. When the power factor is larger, it means that the power utilization rate is higher.

What is the Purpose of PFC?

increase the efficiency of power supply, delivering immediate cost savings on electricity and wire investment through increase the utilization rate of power distribution equipment .

In advanced developed countries such as Europe, America, and Japan, the government has higher requirements for energy efficiency. Therefore, some countries require that the PF of electronic and electrical appliances must reach a certain level or higher in order to be sold in the market.

What are the benefits of PFC?

1. Save electricity costs

In Japan,Local electricity company set provision of electricity rules like this:

IF PF Over 80%, the electricity cost will decrease 0.15% per 1% higher

IF PF less than 0.8, the electricity cost will increase 0.3% Per 1% lower

The electricity cost in Japan is 0.2USD KWH, Equipment Power is 100KW, PF 60%, working 10Hours/Day, 22 Days/Month, how much extra electricity increased wasted per day?/Month/year? (PF Lower than 60%, we can it NON PFC Power supplies also)

Per Day increased: 100KW * 8H *0.2USD*0.003*20=9.6USD

Per Month increased: 9.6USD * 22D=211.2USD

Per Year increased: 211.2USD * 12M=2534.4 USD

5 years increased: 12672 USD!!

If Equipment power, PF is over 95%, higher than 80%, How much electricity cost saved Per Day/Monday/Year?

Per Day Saved: 100KW * 8H *0.2USD*0.0015*15=3.6USD

Per Month Saved: 3.6USD *22D=79.2 USD

Per Year Saved: 950.4USD

5 Year Saved: 4752 USD !!!!

See NON PFC(OR called LOW PFC) and High PFC Power supplies, How difference the Electricity Costed!

2. Saving Power Cabinet Investment

To provide 100KW for this equipment,

LOW PFC type Need at least generate 100KW/0.6=166.7KW Front-end power to ensure equipment normal working.

But high PFC type Only need generate 100W/0.95=105W to ensure equipment normal working.

3. Save high-voltage circuit breakers, high-voltage switches and high-voltage cables and backup generator capacity.

High PFC type has less power loss, general small power, small current going through.

A small investment on choosing high PFC power supplies, hundreds electricity cost saved in future using.


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