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APVM Series 100W 150W Class II IP67 Power Supply

With the booming demand for intelligent and small profile products, AMCFLEX Engineers continues to develop power products suitable for Class II plastic housing design. Class II stands for products without (FG) grounding and with a double insulation design, which effectively improves the safety of the system and users. Besides, this new serious all up to IP67 waterproof level with silicone potting technology, providing customers safer and more suitable power products in indoor, industrial or outdoor damp environments.

The newly launched 100W/150W products with Class II plastic housing design can be used for different fields and applications,mainly applies to led lighting products and advertising field. Constant voltage + Constant Current (CV+CC) Hybrid drive mode, which can be used with any LED strip or constant current luminaires.

Compared with traditional products or market products, we have lots of outstanding advantages:

1. smallest size for same watt, 30% smaller but with 50% high power

2. Most high efficiency for same watt, 12V up to 89%, 24V up to 92%, meet latest Europe ERP efficiency requirement.(Average efficiency over 88%), saving electricity and energy.

3. Constant Voltage + Constant Current drive. moe

4. Meet SELV and Class II Design without FG

5. Flicker -free and IP67 waterproof design

6. Working smoothly with Dimming controllers

7. Fully protected: Over voltage/ Over current/Over temperature/ Short circuit

APVM-100-12 Technical Specs

APVM-150-12 Technical Specs


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