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100W 48V NEW Product Released!

NEW Product Released! 100W 48V 2100mA LED Power Supply.

Model NO:APVM-100-48

A new product of APVM-100 family is coming out, designed by AMCFLEX Technical team, APVM-100-48, the output voltage is working at fixed 48V, output current is 2100mA, mainly used for 48V LED Strips, Neonflex, Panel lights, linear lighting bar, and Track-light system.

Class II plastic housing design, without (FG) grounding and with a double insulation design, which effectively improves the safety of the system and users. Besides, this new serious all up to IP67 waterproof level with silicone potting technology, suitable for high humidity environments such as swimming pools, kitchen, Bathroom.

1. Smallest size, 100W: 168x42x32mm, LPV-100-48: 190x52x37mm

2.   Highest efficiency up to 93.5%, energy-saving

3. Fully protected: OVP/OLP/OTP/SCP, Protecting the LEDS and Users

4.   Working with the dimming controllers smoothly, no noise, no flicker

5. V0-Fireproof PC Plastic housing, suitable for mounted inside the furniture.

6.   VDE Certified Insulated input and output Cables


Input Voltage: 180 ~ 264VAC (47-63Hz)
Rated Voltage DC: 48V
Current: 2.1A
Power: 100.8W
Efficiency: 93.5%
Certificate: CE ROHS SELV MM
Dimensions: 168 x 42 x 32mm (LxWxH)

Protections: Short-circuit / Overcurrent / Overvoltage / Thermal
Free circulation air cooling
Tested under full load
Protection class II Protection class
IP67 Water resistance

For more details, pls check the specification as below.

APVM-100-48 Technical Specification


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