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About US

Changzhou AMC FLEX Technology CO.,LTD has presented since 2012, focused on design, development and manufacturing LED power supplies. Covered with 2000square meters production plant, 100 employees. Equipped with automatic production line, automatic equipment and test lab.

Production is very easy in China now, you can find various OEM factories in different cities, small to large size. But few of them have real research and development abilities, which means provide totally new and stable solution.

Established by three very skilled electronic engineers, each of them has been in LED power supply industry more than 12 years, developed over 120 new projects for various industry, all products get UL TUV CE CB SAA PSE……Passed. High quality and stable. Compared to regular production, we are more enjoyed to customize new power supplies according to your different project. You idea, we make it!


TO deliver innovative light solutions by anticipating our customer’s needs. By understanding the lighting application, we design, test, and deliver comprehensive solutions that anticipate the customer’s total cost of different project and provide a positive experience. We collaborate with our partners to leverage technology, focus on research, and continuously improve our production, processes, and products.


We are pioneers in providing LED power supply solutions; with a vision of enlightening the world.



Contact: Jessica

Phone: 18625298070

Tel: 0519-69882666

Email: info@amcflex.com

Add: Huashan Road, Xinbei Area, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

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