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Why does the power supply buzzing when connected to LED Strip PWM Dimmer?

PWM(Pulse-width modulation) dimming is very popular for led strip lights, people can create different lighting atmospheres while ensuring energy efficiency. But also has some defects, when the PWM dimmer to dim the led strips with power supplies normally will cause some noise as below video:

Duty circle 0-100%, Frequency: 0.5K-10K Hz. Audible noise which can arise when LED power supply is operated at certain pulse-width modulation (PWM) dimming frequencies. when PWM dimming is implemented, the pulsed LED current causes the inductor and ceramic capacitors to resonate mechanically due to the piezoelectric effect of the dielectric material ,this creates this buzzing sound. Without proper arrangements, the noise caused by the PWM dimming and the ceramic capacitors on the output of a LED Power supply is clearly heard up to a few meters away. Quite annoying for interior projects.

Have you ever encountered such a situation during the projects installation? How do you fix it?

From below video we show you a very quiet led driver, no annoying Buzzing noise:


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