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Why Choose US?

Why Choose Us?

1. Advanced Equipment

Own-built 5000Sqm production plants equipped with automatic production lines, SMT production machines, waving soldering machines, auto-test machines, temperature-controlled aging testing machines, label printing machines, auto-packing machines….

Research & Development Test Lab: Advanced DC electronic load tester, ESD tester, Surge tester, harmonic tester, Conduction simulation tester, high and low temperature test cabinet……..

2. Manufacturing: We Are Knowledgeable and Experienced

We have been manufacturing electronic products over 20 years, led power supplies for almost 10 years. With a history that long, our clients can rest easy knowing they have a partner who knows product and manufacturing to the very smallest detail. No matter whether your needs are simple or complex, we knows exactly what it takes to provide you qualified product and satisfied service.

3. Creativity

Only companies that are adaptable and innovative can survive in fast-developing environment.
LEDS are getting smaller, higher brightness, lower consumption, so is the power supplies, how to downsize but improve the output power?
How to improve the working efficiency to save more energy?
How to lower the temperature rise to guarantee longer lifespan and reliability?

4. Flexibility

We are not big size but we are more flexible,
Output voltage customization
Output Current customization
Output power customization
Product Label customization: PVC/Silvery stickers/laser printing/Silk-printing
Various package customization: films/White box/color box
Input/output cable customization: AC plugs/DC connectors
New product lines customization
For every request we are response quickly and effectively.

5. Lighting, light is life

Currently all our products are used for led lighting applications, indoor and outdoor types
APMS series is made by fine aluminum housing, used for outdoor lighting fixtures, led floodlights/spotlights/tunnel lights/streetlights/wall washer lights/led strips/advertising lightbox/illuminated signs/façade lighting….
APVM/APF series is made by plastic housing, silicon gel potting technology, used for indoor applications like penal lights/spotlights/linear lighting system/led strips/led modules……

6. Involved

Not just simple sale, We get Involved and Care about Our Customer’s business, all of our employees are skilled at their jobs, they are knowledgeable, and passionate about helping our customers succeed. We develop or Customize suitable products according to local market and needs or habit. Responsive and easy to work with.

7. Supportive

You have a strong team behind you, support you
100 people factory
10 Technical engineers
10 Quality inspectors
8 sales representatives

So, if you’re looking for more than a value-added producer. And instead, want a partner who will value your success as much as their own, look no further than AMCFLEX.


Contact: Jessica

Phone: 18625298070

Tel: 0519-69882666

Email: info@amcflex.com

Add: Huashan Road, Xinbei Area, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

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