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Slim plastic drivers NEW COMING


1. 200-240VAC Input voltage
2. High efficiency up to 90%
3. Protections: Overvoltage/Overload/Short circuit/OverTemperature

4. Cooling by Free air convection, no noise
5. Super slim and narrow type for linear decoration lighting, slim

6. light box, cabinet led strips, showcase lighting, mini illuminated signs

7. Constant voltage mode output
8. Plastic housing with SELV quality level Full series 60W/100W/150W/180W

We are working on this new slim series, customized for slim light box, linear lighting, fits for aluminum profiles, thickness of 200W only 21.5mm. Totally insulated circuit design, meet SELV high quality standard.

200W 24V already finished, extended series will be coming in year 2020.

Welcome to requesting new samples for testing.

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