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75W Voltage/Current

  • 75W 36V 2.1A iP67 LED Drivers
  • 75W 36V 2.1A iP67 LED Drivers
75W 36V 2.1A iP67 LED Drivers 75W 36V 2.1A iP67 LED Drivers

75W 36V 2.1A iP67 LED Drivers

  • Model Number: APMS-75-36
  • floodlight led driver 75W
  • streetlight driver 36V
  • waterproof led driver 75W 36V
  • Product description: Product description: APMS-75-36, LED Driver, IP67 waterproof fully sealed with potting, used for outdoor led lighting, floodlights, LED wall washer lights, spotlights, led projector lights.

LED Driver 75W Waterproof IP67 Power Supply 36V DC Transformer Adapter Thinner and Durable Low Voltage Power Supply for LED Strip Lights LED Module and Power Accessories

Automatic protection for Short circuit / overload, Protection type: Hiccup mode, auto-recovery after fault condition is removed

100% Waterproof IP67 protect for outdoor use.Aluminum metal housing, easy for heat dissipation and ensure stability

100% full load burn-in test,Input: 200-277VAC 0.55A 50/60HZ. Output: 36V DC 2.1A 75W

Built-in active PFC function, high efficiency, low temperature rise

Small volume, low weight, high efficiency. Cooling by free air convection

Wide Range of LED Power Supply : Suitable for LED strip lights, led light bulbs ,Computer Project,Industrial,Outdoor Light and any 36V DC led lights

Model Number:APMS-75-36

Technical Specs:

1.Output Parameters

Rated Output voltage: 36VDC

Rated Output Current:2.1A

Rated Output Power:75W Max


Line Regulation:±0.5%

Load Regulation:±1.5%

Voltage tolerance:±3%

2.  Input Parameters

Rated Input voltage:200-277VAC

Input voltage range:176-305VAC, 47-63hz

Input Current Max:0.55A

Inrush Current<20A

Power Factor>0.95


3. Protection


Short Circuit

4. Environment

Operating Temperature range:-40 to +80

Storage Temperature range:-45 to +80

Humidity: 1095%

Waterproof Level:IP67

5. Safety Standards

UL8750, IEC/EN61347-1,EN61347-2-13,EN62368, GB19510.1,

GB19510.14, IP67 Approved

Withstand voltage: I/P-O/P:3KV


EN55015(CISPR15), GB17743, EN61000-3-2 , Class C, EN61000-4-2,

8KV air ; Level 2, 4KV contact, EN61000-4-3, EN61000-4-4,

EN61000-4-54KV/Line-Line 6KV/Line-Earth, EN61000-4-6

6. Others


Dimension:114(L)*66.2 (W)*38(H)mm

Packing: 0.55KG/PC, 350 x 310 x 260 mm, 24pcs /14.7Kg /0.02CBM/CTN

Other Output Options Available:

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