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350W Voltage/Current

  • 350W 4200mA 42-83VDC LED Projector Current Driver
350W 4200mA 42-83VDC LED Projector Current Driver

350W 4200mA 42-83VDC LED Projector Current Driver

  • APMS-350C-4200
  • 4200mA LED Projector Drive
  • Growlight LED Driver 4200mA
  • floodlight 4200mA LED Driver
  • Product description: 350W 4200mA led drivers, IP67 fully sealed with potting, used for outdoor led lighting, floodlights, LED spotlights, led projector, tunnel lights, linear lighting

1.176-305VAC wide input voltage range

2.Constant Current Drive Mode

3.Built in active PF function, PF>0,95

4.High working efficiency up to 93%

5.THD<15%, Flicker-Free Design

6.IP67 waterproof level with fine aluminum housing, suitable for outdoor applications

7.Flicker-Free,Low ripple

8.4KV + 6KV Surge protection, more safety

9.Constant Current Drive Mode

10. 5 years warranty

Technical Specification:

1.Output Parameters

Rated Output voltage: 42-83VDC

Rated Output Current: 4200mA

Rated Output Power:350W Max


Line Regulation:±0.5%

Load Regulation:±1.5%

Voltage tolerance:±3%

2.  Input Parameters

Rated Input voltage:200-277VAC

Input voltage range:176-305VAC, 47-63hz

Input Current Max:2.5A

Inrush Current<70A

Power Factor>0.95


3. Protection


Short Circuit

Over voltage

Over Temperature

4. Environment

Operating Temperature range:-40 to +80

Storage Temperature range:-45 to +80

Humidity: 1095%

Waterproof Level:IP67

5. Safety Standards

UL8750, IEC/EN61347-1,EN61347-2-13,EN62368, GB19510.1,

GB19510.14, IP67 Approved

Withstand voltage: I/P-O/P:3KV


EN55015(CISPR15), GB17743, EN61000-3-2 , Class C, EN61000-4-2,8KV air ; Level 2, 4KV contact, EN61000-4-3, EN61000-4-4,

EN61000-4-54KV/Line-Line 6KV/Line-Earth, EN61000-4-6

6. Others


Dimension:231(L)*63 (W)*40(H)mm

Packing: 1.4KG/PC, 350x310x260mm, 10PCS/15.5Kg/0.02CBM /CTN

Other output voltage options available:

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