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Latest ErP requirement for led power supply 2023

The latest ErP (Energy-related Products) requirement for LED power supplies is outlined in the EU Regulation 2019/2020, which sets the energy efficiency standards for external power supplies, including those used with LED lighting products.
According to the regulation, LED power supplies with output power ranging from 1 to 250 watts and an output voltage of less than or equal to 250 volts must comply with the following requirements:

1.  Active mode efficiency: The average energy efficiency for LED power supplies not less than 87% for products with output power of 10 to 250 watts, and 80% for products with output power less than 10 watts.

Average efficiency calculated through:
25%Load efficiency
50%load efficiency
75% Load efficiency
100% load efficiency

2.  Standby mode power consumption: The maximum power consumption allowed in standby mode for LED power supplies is set at 0.5 watts.
These requirements are designed to ensure that LED power supplies are as energy-efficient as possible, reducing their impact on the environment and helping to lower energy bills for consumers.

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