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what is SELV of led power supply?

SELV stands for Safety Extra Low Voltage, which is a safety standard for electrical equipment and power supplies that operate at a voltage level that is considered to be too low to cause injury to humans under normal conditions of use. The exact voltage level that qualifies as SELV may vary depending on the specific safety standard being used, but in general, it is considered to be below 60 volts DC or 42.4 volts AC.

An LED power supply that is rated as SELV is designed to ensure that its output voltage does not exceed the SELV level, even under fault conditions. This helps to reduce the risk of electrical shock or injury to users who come into contact with the equipment. In addition to the SELV rating, LED power supplies may also be designed to meet other safety standards, such as EMC LVD, to ensure that they are safe for use in specific regions or applications.

 SLEV led power supply


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