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NEW Current-Adjustable LED Driver Released-2022-OCT

NEW Current-Adjustable LED Driver Released-2022-OCT

Our new Current-Adjustable series is finally coming,
This new series, in line with the latest regulatory requirements, Fully compliance with LED independent control gear certification and Meet IP67 Waterproof standards, which is convenient for customers to use with luminaries in wet, Damp or moisture conditions and external installation applications.

The APMS-CAJ series designed with constant power, and provides adjustable Current options through built-in potentiometer, Current adjustable range: 700mA to 1050mA. Customers can adjust the output current according to the needs of any application. The advantage of the constant power design is that it provides a wide range of current for different LEDs designs, which can improve the overall efficiency of the luminaires, and suitable for use with a wide variety of outdoor applications.

AMC continues to insist on developing standards led drivers with the best cost-effectiveness to serve our customers, pack more power into smaller IP67 rated metal enclosures in order to allow cost-saving from the shaved materials and potting compound. This CAJ series come with surge protection levels of 6KV for line to earth and 4KV for line to line, we also offer optional models that come with surge protection levels of 10KV and 6KV respectively. With the outstanding performance and cost competitiveness, this new series is a top choice for all kinds of interior and exterior lighting applications. For interior, CAJ series can be used for commercial traffic lights, commercial recessed lights or illuminated projects. For exterior application, the CAJ series can be flexibly designed into all types of street lighting, floodlighting, high bay lighting or even more specialized applications such as horticultural lighting and UV curing.
Commitment to provide qualified, reliable and durable products only.

  • Full power 75%-100% operation range-Constant power design
  • Global input voltage range 100-305VAC
  • High efficiency up to 93%
  • Smaller size with much higher power packed
  • Full protection: Over voltage, Over Heat, Short circuit
  • Exquisite aluminum housing with IP67 Waterproof level for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Surge protection: 4KV+6KV
  • Hi-pot Voltage: I/P-O/P: 3750Vac
  • Long warranty up to 5 years

APMS-105CAJ-700. APMS-150CAJ-700. APMS-200CAJ-700

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